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Are you over 40 and tired of being tired? Ready to move past all of the BS food challenges and diet fads of your youth and move forward in a wiser, saner, and more effective health plan?

I believe that women over 40 deserve better health. I believe that food is medicine, that nutrition is the foundation of health, and that your body is designed to move.

The truth is that fad diets don’t work and our traditional health care system doesn’t support optimal health.

So what do you do?

It’s been my experience that those who want to improve their health, get off their medications, have more energy, and lose weight don’t need more pills; they need education, support, and motivation.

They need someone on their side who wants them to live a vibrant and healthy life.

It is my passion to help you improve your health and well-being through simple and evidence-based steps that you can start taking today to achieve you health, weight loss, and fitness goals.

Contact me if:

  • You want to change your health and your future for the better
  • Are motivated to make lasting change (there’s no 30 day challenge or “quick fix” here)
  • Want to lose weight and are open to a full approach that addresses all areas of your lifestyle (not just food)
  • Want to know if health coaching is right for you

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