7 Tips to Work Through Stress

It’s ironic that I’m writing this blog post today. I’m completely stressed out and not handling it well. We all deal with stress differently. For me, I cry. My emotions get out of control. I get angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed. This is my body’s biggest...

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How to Recover From Screw Ups

Do you screw up? I really hope that your answer is yes, because if you never screw up then you’re not really pushing yourself to do anything. So what is a “screw up”? It’s a mistake, an error in judgement, or a bad decision. A screw up can happen...

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How Shitty Sleep Impacts Your Weight Loss Efforts

Everyone has a bad night's sleep sometimes. And while you probably know that a single night of tossing and turning can throw you off your game for the next day or two, the reality is actually much worse than that. One in three Americans is chronically short on...

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You Get to Decide – Motivation Monday

Most of us live in a world where we get to make our own decisions. We’re not in prison or being held captive. We get to choose what we watch on television, if we watch television, what we wear, who we talk to, how we engage, if we get off the couch today,...

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5 Nutrients that Improve Sleep

Forget beauty sleep, most of us aren’t even getting enough sleep to feel presentable or to feel like we can make it through the day. Did you know that less than half the people in this country are getting 7 hours of sleep a night? Adults need between 7-9...

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How to Stick to Your Food Goals When Eating Out

Eating out with friends or family should be all about having fun, enjoying a tasty meal, and not having to worry about cooking or clean up. But when you’re trying to take care of yourself and eat healthfully, going out to eat can sometimes feel...

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Could a Fitness App Help You Create a New Exercise Habit?

Do you ever have trouble sticking to your exercise routine? Do you still find that you can’t stick to your exercise schedule, even though you’ve done everything you can think of to create the perfect environment for exercising? Even if you’re highly...

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Top Three Weight Training Tips for the Over-60 Crowd

I’m a big fan of weight training, because it’s the most common (and often the most effective) way to improve your strength. It’s also great for overall body health, can help fight stress and depression, and even keep a person living a more vibrant and independent life...

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5 Ideas for Sneaking a Little More Exercise Into Your Day

Despite all we know about nutrition and health, humans are more overweight and obese than at any other time in recorded history. According to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese. One of the best ways to...

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